Renovating your home can transform it for the better — leaving it, for example, more spacious or practical or simply closer in line with your aesthetic leanings.

However, home renovations can be expensive, stressful and time-consuming — all to a counterproductive extent — when not thought through sufficiently carefully.

This begins to explain why, if you are looking to renovate a residential property in the New Zealand city of Porirua, it can work out well for you to seek assistance from our renovation specialists based locally. Otherwise, you could too easily make the following blunders…

Changing Course After The Renovation Starts

Naturally, before you go ahead with renovation work, you will need to know what it is set to entail. At this stage, you must think carefully through your plans so that you can be confident you will be happy with them over the long term.

Failing to be this meticulous with your planning could risk you wanting to change the renovation work’s course after it has started. As a result, you could end up undoing and redoing some of that work — and consequently adding a lot more to your budget.

Using Outdated Methods And Materials

If you have not personally renovated a home before or for a while, you might lack the best idea of what options for the job would be considered behind the times.

As we already undertake home renovations regularly, we know what building techniques and products can give you the biggest return for your money.

Not Getting Consent From The Local Council

This is a mistake you could be too vulnerable to making if you do not know the ins and outs of the law concerning what types of building work require permission from local government.

Conversely, we know that area of the law very well. We can assist you in not only discerning whether any part of your renovation needs that consent but also, if you do need it, applying for it.

That way, you don’t have to fret about risking doing a renovation that the council later makes you reverse at great cost to yourself.

We encourage you to email [email protected] for in-depth details of our background in delivering home renovations for Porirua-based customers.