For an excellent and professional builder in Porirua, look no further than Quality Construction. It’s all in the name.

We deliver quality building work for residential and light commercial applications. Not only do we do the actual building, but we also provide various support services such as planning, acquiring building consent, sourcing of resources and also overall project management.

Aside from doing new house builds, we also provide a variety of renovation, alteration and addition services, whether inside or outside.

We ensure that we use the best contractors in the area to deliver a complete turnkey solution for whatever your building needs are. Our extensive network and 37 years of experience ensure that we deliver on our namesake, which is only the best quality guaranteed.

To prove that we deliver the best, all of our builds are protected by the Master Build 10-year Guarantee.

What Is The Master Build 10-Year Guarantee?

To receive a Master Build 10-Year Guarantee, your builder has to be a registered Master Builder. The guarantee will only be valid if you and your Master Builder receive written confirmation from the Master Builders organisation. We will ensure that all necessary documentation is submitted to Master Builders before any work begins.

Master Build Services has protected more than 140 000 homes over the past 25 years in New Zealand through the Master Build 10-Year Guarantee.

The Master Build 10-Year Guarantee essentially works like a form of insurance against various damages or losses that could be incurred, either during or after the completion of a build. It protects you against poor workmanship, subpar materials, non-completion and other potential unexpected expenses resulting from the builder’s failure to meet the requirements of the building contract.

What Does The Master Build 10-Year Guarantee Cost?

The Master Build 10-Year Guarantee generally costs about 1% of your total build contract cost.

Your build can be covered up to the full build contract amount, up to a maximum limit of $1-million for all claims made throughout the life of your build.

You can also claim up to $10 000 for the cost of finding alternative accommodation or storage space while your home is being fixed up or finished.

As a registered Master Builder in Porirua, we can assure you that our builds are backed by the Master Build 10-Year Guarantee. Choose us to get excellent quality and peace of mind!